Did your bookkeeper mess up your financials?


I feel badly for business owners who are in financial ruin (or close to it) because they trusted their bookkeeper to know accounting rules, only to find out (sometimes a little too late) how much they didn’t know.  This happens to more business owners than you can imagine.

Hiring the wrong bookkeeper can destroy your business. Ask around and get a referral to find an invaluable bookkeeper (see my recent blog titled: Job Well Done!  Here is a Referral.).  You need to trust your bookkeeper is providing quality services and feel secure your books are in professional hands.

Because the life blood of a business (its management information) flows through the accounting system don’t be so sure not having a properly qualified bookkeeper is actually saving you money.  A good bookkeeper will help make sure you don’t wind up paying your Accounting firm to untangle and reconstruct an accounting mess.  This can become amazingly costly.  Get the best bookkeeper you can find.

Much of my business is through referrals and my clients are thrilled with the quality service.

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