NJ Sales Tax Rate Decrease

I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas had a wonderful time with family and friends.  I feel lucky this time of year (and all year) being able to share the holidays with the special people in my life.

If you collect and pay New Jersey sales tax, the rate will decrease to 6.625% starting January 1, 2018.  Please adjust your books accordingly.  If you need my assistance, don’t hesitate to ask.  Sales tax is important and making payments monthly is the best way to stay on top of it and avoid penalties.

Super Boat International

Tom and I went to Key West to the Super Boat International races.  Around 40 from our town flew down and it was a blast, just as it was last year!  Although last year I did not know as many people, this year was different. This past September were races on Lake Hopatcong and I… Continue Reading

Landlords Are Taking Over the U.S. Housing Market

By Patrick Clark 2/23/17 As rising home prices, slow new home construction and demographic shifts push homeownership rates to 50-year lows, the U.S. is increasingly a country of renters—and landlords. Last year, 37% of homes sold were acquired by buyers who didn’t live in them, according to tax-assessment data compiled in a new report published by Attom Data Solutions and ClearCapital.com… Continue Reading

The Little Things…

There’s nothing like clean sheets right before bed. They smell good, feel good and warm ‘right out of the oven”. My mom told me when she was a child, her mom would change her bed sheets when she was sick. It made her feel better mentally. My mom always to change my sheets or blankets… Continue Reading


Stress takes a toll on our health and well-being and everyone deals with stress differently.  Some blow up at the smallest things, not even related to what is bothering them.  Some keep it inside until they blow off the steam in a massive way.  Sometimes people get hurt feelings, even though the stress has nothing… Continue Reading

School Days

FaceBook always has great photos on the first day back to school.  I love seeing the changes from year to year in your children.  It is wonderful to watch how quickly they grow up.  Thank you all for sharing them with us. I have 11 nieces and nephews.  Three are in High School, no grade… Continue Reading

Labor Day Has Arrived

Labor Day honors the American labor movement and the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, laws and well-being of the country. It considered the unofficial end of summer. Wow!  Summer goes by faster each year and the weather feels like Fall.  Personally I am not ready to put on my sweatshirt or sit by the fireplace.  Although… Continue Reading

Summer’s End

August brings the last of summer vacations, preparing for college and back to school.  End of summer picnics with family and friends and sports begin practice for the Fall season.  It’s a month, in my opinion, that seems to go by faster than most.  Enjoy the outdoors, but be careful of the heat and stay… Continue Reading

Bookkeeper vs Accountant

When most people think about bookkeeping and accounting, they would be hard-pressed to describe the differences.  While bookkeepers and accountants share common goals, they support your business in different stages of the financial cycle. Bookkeeping is the process of recording daily transactions in a consistent way, and is a key component to building a financially successful business.  Maintaining… Continue Reading

Are You a Positive Person?

Some people always seem able to look on the bright side of things, no matter what is going on in their life.  And other people who seem to delight in looking at all things wrong in the world and all things that could go wrong.  Yes, things can go wrong and stuff can happen.   It’s… Continue Reading

Not Just a Day Off

Independence Day has been a federal holiday in the US since 1941.  In June 1776, representatives of the 13 colonies fighting the revolutionary struggle weighed a resolution declaring their independence from Great Britain.  On July 2nd, the Continental Congress voted in favor of independence, and two days later its delegates adopted the Declaration of Independence. … Continue Reading

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is an occasion to mark and celebrate the contribution your father has made to your life.  This year was a great day with my father (mom and sister) and my boyfriend’s father (and mother).  We went to brunch and spent the afternoon boating on Lake Hopatcong.  A relaxing day with a nice group… Continue Reading

It’s that time again

Graduations galore.  From pre-school to elementary, middle school, high school, college, etc.  Repeat recitals.  Singing, instrumental, dance, dramas, plays…  A very busy time of year for outdoor activities, BBQs and celebrations. Summer is around the corner for some and here for others.  We are fishing, camping, swimming, bike riding, boating and enjoying all the outdoors… Continue Reading