Do you know a Leapling?

Today is the day before Tom’s birthday, but his birthday is not Match 1st. He is going to be 13.25 tomorrow. Tom is a leap-day baby, also known as a Leapling, those born on Leap Day, or Leap Year Day.  They were not born ON Leap Year, as Leap Year is the whole year.

Presidential elections happen every four years. So do the Olympics, the World Cup and your website redesign? Think about it. You are busy running a business.  You invested a lot of time and money into building the website, but its it performing? Bills need to be paid and updating your website is not top priority.  “It’s not really doing that much for us anyway.”

After all the time, money and resources you put into your website, how do you know what you launched is performing the best?  You can’t, it’s impossible. All you can do is look through your usage data and perform user research. Typically, after launch, a website typically sits with no major updates for 1.5 to 2 to 4 (or more, you know who you are) years. Whatever the excuse, you let your website sit relatively unchanged for years. This is not an ideal way to maximize website performance, yet businesses continue to do it. Yes, there may be small updates or improvements, along with adding blogs or landing pages to the site, but the core and vast majority of the site remains untouched.

If you need to revamp your website, contact John at DSM-LLC and tell him Ali sent you . Happy Birthday, Tom .

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