Be Inspired.


I was in San Jose for a QuickBooks Connect conference this past October.  The theme was Be Inspired.  Well I was inspired this one morning in particular.  On November 8th my dad, sister and I threw my mom a 70th surprise birthday party.  Not only was my mom surprised, she looked so beautiful and happy.

The image above is a simple glass.  It was full just before I left the restaurant.  Shortly afterward I entered an Uber car and off I went to my sisters for the night.  This glass now reminds me of the wonderful evening I had with my family and mom’s closest friends.  Yes, I took it home.  Shhh.  This glass now represents one beautiful day in my life.  Is it still a simple glass?  Yes, but it makes me smile and that is important.  Keep smiling and the world will smile back.

Worked out at Inspire Fitness, 5:30am, love TRX.  Enjoy your day and be inspired!

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